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The Invision Package Program by Imagine Fertility combines your IVF Treatment packages with medications, saving patients up to 40% of their medication costs if they were to find a pharmacy on their own.

Not only do we save the patient on medications, we perform a full benefits check. Including prior authorizations, enrollment into insurance specific infertility programs, and counciling patients on how to use their benefits to maximize their lifetime maximums for IVF cycles.

We also offer financing to patients through our financing partner network if needed, and assist them through the financing process.

How It Works

1.   Our Patient Advocates will reach out to the clinic and request patients fertility treatment plan.

2.   Once treatment plan is received, we will submit prescription to the pharmacy for benefits verification and if applicable, we will manage medication Prior Authorizations.

3.   In a timely manner, we will package the chosen fertility treatment and apply related medication co-payments and/or discounts. 

4.   Connect patients with our financial partners.