We combine your clinical services with our pharmacy network to create volume pricing discounts that patients can take advantage of. With patients spending less money on medication, patients have more for completing IVF cycles.

How It Works

1. Your patient visits our site and enrolls into our program.

2. Our Patient Advocate team reaches out to your patient. We contact your patient care team and request the treatment plan, verify pharmacy benefits (if applicable) and quote the patient to the penny. We also assist the patient with financing and medication discount programs to minimize their out of pocket spend.

3. The patient pays for the package. We notify your team of patients financial clearance and release payment to you within 72 hours. Final step, our pharmacy contacts patient to schedule delivery when it is convenient for them.

Our Portal

Your office team is informed through the entire process, and provided a portal to interact with our team.

Our Team

Our Patient Advocate team has previous experience working with fertility patients, and understand the journey that patients are on. Our number one value is patients first, and our team will do anything it takes to provide a stellar patient experience.

Evelyn Bonilla

Patient Services Manager

Evelyn has over 10 years of experience working with IVF patients and pharmacies.

Natasha Shakur

Patient Advocate

Natasha previously worked with patients inside fertility centers and is currently studying to become an IVF Nurse.

Get Started

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You can also reach us at invision@imaginefertility.com