Scheduled Downtime – 4/21/18 12PM CST

Were moving!

On Saturday April 21st beginning at 12pm CST, there will be a scheduled maintenance where Imagine services may not be available at various times. We are moving our servers from San Antonio to a datacenter in Dallas, and service may be interrupted during the switch over. This disruption may last until 4pm CST.

We tried to schedule a time where there are no users on the system, so I hope we don’t disrupt you in any way.

What this means to you:

Better Security – We upgraded our encryption to PCI Level 1 compliance, so when you connect to Imagine its at the highest level of security. We are also using a security service called Encapsula which inspects all of the traffic to the server for bots, attacks and bad addresses.

Better Speed – Using the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network, pages will be served much faster than before. We will also have more capacity to serve more users than ever before.

Continuity – If something were to happen, were able to ensure that we can bring the server with its data back up in minutes with redundancy on the east and west coasts.

Thank You!

I personally would like to thank everyone that has been part of our first three years, which has brought us to this point. Without you and your input, the Imagine platform would not be what it is today.

-Bob Huff, CIO

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